Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial <span>Consulting</span>

We offer a comprehensive suite of actuarial services covering underwriting and capital management. We draw on our significant experience in running actuarial teams, building actuarial functions, and implementing actuarial processes and models in businesses. We equip our clients to achieve their goals through improved decision-making.

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  • Underwriting management

    Our practitioner experience in the design, build and parameterisation of pricing models in the London and corporate insurance markets means we are able to help insurers with review of their current frameworks and models, or to build or re-build of models for new lines of business. Our experience covers insurers and reinsurers, the London and South African markets, and all lines of business. We have a history of successfully working with underwriters and the wider business to integrate the technical aspects of pricing with the softer business issues.

  • Capital management

    We specialise in helping insurers make better business decisions through the use of actuarial models, including setting and managing risk appetite, evaluating return on economic capital, and business steering. We have helped many insurers with designing, building, embedding and documenting their internal models, helping them gain maximum value from the process. We have developed a robust and proportionate methodology of model review and validation which has helped insurers gain comfort that their models and processes are fit for purpose, and provide formal independent model validation assessments and reports.

  • Actuarial function

    By leveraging our growing South African team and our expertise in technology we take on technical actuarial functions and reduce the burden on our clients’ internal teams. We provide businesses with high quality expertise to solve difficult problems, and sufficient resource to get through peak workloads, all at a cost-effective price. Both Solvency II and SAM set a requirement for an actuarial function; with our experience in setting up and running actuarial teams and processes, we can review technical provisions, reinsurance, underwriting, risk management and capital modelling processes.

Systems Development

Systems <span>Development</span>

Our systems-based solutions are aimed at automating and streamlining internal technical and financial processes. This give management the information needed for improved decision-making. We implement either our own rapidly deployed software or 3rd party vendor software, and are experienced at integrating applications into business processes and improving the flow of data between systems.

More about Systems Development

  • Application development

    Spreadsheets are not enough. Using our design and coding expertise, we help organisations develop and integrate structured, fit-for-purpose applications required for cutting-edge technical modelling and analysis today. Our own suite of highly customisable applications provide the tools to help organisations optimise their business, understand the dynamics of their balance sheets, and address Solvency II and SAM challenges. Our web-based insurance pricing software brings a structured approach to delivering the technical pricing process, and brings a wealth of analytics to help management steer the business.

  • System implementation

    Models and applications do not bring full benefit unless they are appropriately integrated into your business and systems. We work with clients to implement financial and actuarial models into their business, streamlining business processes, reducing operational risk of input error, and increasing the amount of quality information available to steer the business. We are experienced at the full lifecycle of model implementation, from specifying the requirements and designing the solution, to embedding and validating the application.

  • Data management

    Understanding the flows of data from source to business critical applications is crucial for the design and implementation of data-rich applications and data warehouses. We work with our clients to achieve this, providing a view of the key controls, bottlenecks and structure of the data models. Together with our experience in databases and data warehouse design this means we have the expertise to design and implement your data solution.

Business Analytics

Business <span>Analytics</span>

We help businesses understand the hidden complexities within their operating environments by using cutting edge actuarial and simulation tools to model financial or operational data and processes. Armed with these powerful analytic tools, businesses maximise the probability of achieving their goals and aims.

More about Business Analytics

  • Predictive and data analytics

    Businesses and customers today generate substantial volumes of transactional and behavioural data. Leading businesses know how to harness this for better decision making. We combine deep actuarial skills, strong experience in predictive modelling, and application development expertise to help organisations make sense of the information available to them and exploit it.

  • Financial modelling

    Through the use of financial and stochastic actuarial models, we help organisations understand the impact that events - from the economic environment and the weather, to hidden dependencies and feedback loops - might have on their business. These insights can drive better decision making, arming clients with the knowledge to better protect themselves against adverse events, and to exploit beneficial events.