Modelling: The Psicle Way

Psicle is our flagship actuarial and financial modelling platform. It provides a robust data framework and analytics environment in which subject matter experts can build, interrogate and report on their mathematical and business models.

The environment allows users to build structured and auditable models, to investigate results and analyse the implications of decisions. Results of complex analyses are delivered to the business in an engaging and repeatable manner.

Please view our Psicle Platform and Simulation Models brochures for overviews of how the software looks and feels, and some of the built-in functionality we use to build stochastic models (e.g. insurance capital models).


Standard Formula Software

The Standard Formula will be a regular calculation that insurance companies will need to perform. It is therefore important to have in place a process that is robust and repeatable. Our Standard Formula Application makes this calculation easier and has built in reporting that produces complicated exhibits such as the Analysis of Change very easily.

Our Standard Formula software brochure gives a breakdown of the key benefits and outputs that our product can bring. We also offer an innovative “Pay Per Run” service on our Solvency II products – click here to find out more.

Introducing our software suite

We build our software so that our clients can have access to value adding analytics, can operate in a more robust environment and need to use fewer resources. This brochure introduces our software suite.