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Dynamo Indaba 2018

Last week, we held the 5th edition of our annual Dynamo conference, more fondly known as the Dynamo Indaba!

Following recent trips to Barcelona and Florence, we decided to keep it local this year and give our South African dynamites a chance to experience the British countryside.  We packed up our warm coats, woolly hats and hot water bottles and headed to Somerset for 5 days.

The aim of the Indaba is always to renew our friendships and connections, share knowledge and information and leave with plenty of enthusiasm for the year ahead! As we are split across three locations and are growing quickly, it really is great to get everybody together once a year.

The Indaba kicked off with our Dynamo quiz. Teams were rewarded for their knowledge on all things Dynamo, with “Guess the Dynamo baby” being a favourite round for many. The competition was tough but the winning team on the night consisted of Adrian, Issy, Wes and Briance!

Throughout the week we presented to one another on topics including process industrialisation, Psicle development, Psicle’s pricing and reserving capabilities, consulting, machine learning and – of course – IFRS 17. It was great to be a part of so much knowledge sharing and we all enjoyed catching up on what our colleagues on different projects have been up to.

We also enjoyed a number of ‘softer’ sessions, including discussions on the Dynamo brand and marketing and on innovation in our business.

Being in the middle of the British countryside, we took some time between sessions to go for a walk or run and made good use of the swimming pool and nearby gym. We enjoyed a traditional pub dinner together and played lots of table tennis and pool.

On the final night, we were treated to a 1920s themed Murder Mystery, courtesy of Candlelight Theatre Company. It was clear that we have some budding detectives on the team, with the actors doing their best to recruit Bongani for themselves. Alice and Robyn also presented the first of our Dynamite awards, voted for by all of us, with categories including Colgate Smile, Fitness Champion and Class Clown.

We are back to work this week with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm and plenty of action points to be getting on with. As always, the Indaba was productive and enjoyable, and we look forward to seeing what Alice has planned for next year!

City vs Wharf 5k run | Alice Turner

On Thursday, we switched our city garments for bright orange Dynamo t-shirts to take on the challenge of running the City vs Wharf 5k.  This was a challenge which could not be done alone, so we gathered our clients to take it on with us.  United by the orange t-shirt, we met at our office for some pre run fun!

Some may say we had all the gear but no idea and they were probably right… but at least we looked great!

We headed over to Victoria Park, where the run was taking place, and started our warm ups. For Cameron and Sophie that consisted of a quick wheel barrow race across the grass. Others were more focused and did their calf and hamstring stretches. A few team photos later, we were ready to go!

6pm came around and so the race began! Shil, Marc and Matt hurried off to the pub to get the post run drinks in whilst I stayed behind to be the Dynamo cheerleader! I had the role of making sure everyone was still in high spirits. Thankfully, I couldn’t miss the orange running towards the half way mark so it was the easiest role that evening.

Everyone was still grinning by 3K, despite some not training for the run. 18 minutes and 55 seconds in, Neil sprinted across the finish line. He was 20th across the finish out of 583 runners! Next were Greg and Cameron just 22 seconds apart from each other. Lori was the first female Dynamo to cross the line at 24 minutes 55 seconds and Paula was the first female client to finish at 26 minutes 10 seconds. Everyone in the Dynamo team did a brilliant job running or walking!

Medals gleaming, we headed to the pub for a well-deserved drink. We had an incredible evening and want to thank our clients for joining us. We can’t wait until next year to do it all over again! This time with a few extra prizes to be won and even more orange t-shirts to be worn. A big thanks to Darren, our graphic designer who designed the t-shirts for us! We really were a vision in orange.

The Benefits of Technical Process Industrialisation

Aliska and Wesley wrote about the benefits of Technical Process Industrialisation in this quarter’s South African Actuary.

‘Business Process Automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of business processes. It is performed to achieve digital transformation or to increase service quality or to improve service delivery or to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organisation.’

Technical Process Industrialisation extends this idea to areas of the business where advanced technical or subject matter expertise complicates a simple automation process.

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