Welcome to our January 2022 new joiners!

Bronwyn Muir

Bronwyn joined the South African office in January 2022 as a Graduate Actuarial Software Developer. She studied Actuarial Science at Stellenbosch University, graduating with an honours degree in 2021. She is excited about the opportunity to blend actuarial techniques with technology whilst working on the Gadget team.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her pets.

Fun fact: Growing up, Bronwyn always preferred Animal Planet to any other channel on TV – sparking many sibling arguments.

Chris Viljoen

Chris joined Dynamo in South Africa in January 2022 as a Junior Software Developer. He graduated from Nelson Mandela University in December 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Chris loves problem solving and will jump at the chance to help with any problems. He has made to the move from East London to Stellenbosch and is very excited to start working at Dynamo. In his spare time Chris enjoys experimenting with new baking recipes.

Fun fact: Chris is almost 2 meters tall and claims to make very good pancakes, which is something we are all excited to try!

Courtney Shaw

Courtney joined Dynamo at the start of 2022 as a Graduate Actuary in the South African office. She enjoys a challenge and is eager to learn. She believes in living a balance lifestyle and enjoys sport and being active in her spare time. She would describe herself as a friendly and bubbly individual who tries to see the positive in situations.

Fun fact: Courtney once checked that the door was locked so many times that she broke the door handle right off.

Daniël Du Plessis

Daniël joined in January 2022 as a Graduate Actuary in the South African office. Daniël graduated from Stellenbosch University at the end of 2021 with an honours degree in Actuarial Science. He is excited to join Dynamo and gain valuable experience in the actuarial and software field. He also aims to qualify as a Fellow Actuary and increase his industry knowledge.

He loves outdoor activities such as golf, cricket, hockey, jogging and hiking. He also loves spending time with friends, family and having a lekker braai on weekends. He always strives to the best in all walks of life and building good relationships.

Fun fact: Makes a great Lasagne potjie

Jason Dunbar

Jason joined the Stellenbosch office in January 2022 as part of the new Data Analytics Engineering team. Jason graduated with a BSc Hons in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Cape Town in 2019. He previously completed a BSc specialising in Biochemistry and Genetics. His academic background is further complemented with a Data Science diploma from Explore Data Science Academy.

Jason is passionate about finding unique solutions to problems, particularly if it means that he will have to grow his technical skillset in the process. His skills include Python, SQL and machine learning and he would also love to add R (and any coding language which will assist in his work) to that list. Furthermore, he is never one to turn down the opportunity to dissect and analyse anything sporting-related, probably because of the outcome of a sports match can be determined by a myriad of inter-connected variables. Whilst not gifted in the sporting arena himself, Jason still loves getting outdoors and being active. His favourite activities include running (not as much trail running as he’d like), hiking and walking his three dogs.

Fun fact: Jason rode his first Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) at the age of 13. However, since then, he has retired from such endeavours, but were he come out of retirement, he would undoubtedly focus more on coffee stops as opposed to achieving a personal best time

Marina Smuts

Marina completed het BCom Actuarial Science (Hons) degree at Stellenbosch University in 2020. She started her career as a quantitative analyst in the banking environment. During this time, she gained exposure to SAS and SQL.

Marina joins the South African office as a Data Analytics Analyst. She is looking forward to the growth opportunities the role presents as she navigates her way to becoming a Fellow.

Aside from the work-related activities, Marina enjoys spending time with friends and family. She loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes and flavours. Her favourite hobby is building puzzles – always ensuring that she puts in the last piece.

Fun fact: If there is any competition online, you can be sure Marina has entered.

Dynamo Vacancies

Having successfully filled a number of opportunities across our international software development and consulting teams, we are currently looking for actuarial candidates for a number of opportunities within our Australian and UK consulting teams. If you have the talent and enthusiasm to be part of our growing company, please follow the links below to learn more about these opportunities.

We recognise recruitment is a two-way process, so we’d love to know why this could be a great opportunity for you, what you are looking for to advance your career, and how Dynamo can support these goals. Please send your CV and cover note to Please add any questions to your email so we can discuss these as part of your application.

We are not accepting applications from agencies at this time.

Dynamo 5K Challenge 2021

The Dynamo 5K challenge was yet again a success for 2021.

In 2020, we made it virtual and this year we went ‘hybrid’ adapting the best bits from both, with the original 5k being a local event in London, evolved now to a global event seeing our colleagues and friends get involved, don the Dynamo t-shirt and take a break from the day to day.

This year on the week commencing 22nd November, we again, offered out the 5K challenge, and we were not disappointed. With t-shirts delivered, the 5K challenge commenced, with over 62 participants and 2 Dynamite dogs. Throughout the week we had runners and walkers send through their times and photos, from Australia, Norway, Mauritius, South Africa, Bermuda, France, the UK and the USA.

Renee was the first person to pass the virtual finish line with a time of 26 minutes and 7 seconds, also beating her time from last year by 52 seconds. 

In the UK, we had the opportunity to meet with some clients and friends of Dynamo in Battersea Park for an in-person race.  Albeit cold, there were some incredible run times that evening.  A special shoutout goes to Simon who completed the 5K in 16 minutes 46 seconds and came 5th out of 118 runners.

A few stats to share:

  • We covered less ground in 2021 but on average we were faster than 2020.
  • Dynamites are on average 1 minute 21 seconds faster than Friends of Dynamo.
  • Across all participants, we ran and walked a total of 31 hours, 35 minutes and 14 seconds with an average pace of 6 minutes 7 seconds.
  • Overall, 16 runners beat their 2020 time, shaving off a total of 35 minutes 51 seconds! 

Everyone did a fantastic job completing the Dynamo 5K Challenge and we hope it encourages everyone to continue to go outside for some fresh air during the day, with the positive impact this has on our health and mental wellbeing. 

Thank you to all those who got involved and we look forward to the 2022 challenge!