About Dynamo Analytics


Deep expertise in actuarial, financial and predictive modelling.


Underpinned by a strong understanding of technology solutions

Dynamo Analytics is an entrepreneurial actuarial and software consultancy. We have deep expertise in building, validating and industrialising actuarial, statistical and technical processes and models.

Over the past few years, we have heavily invested in building Psicle, an advanced enterprise-wide software platform in which to build, operate and report on these processes and models. Through a combination of our expertise and our software platform, we help our clients reduce their costs, shorten their timelines, increase their efficiency and minimise their operational risk. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in South Africa and the Nordics, Dynamo provides efficient, targeted and cost-effective solutions to help businesses of all sizes work smarter.

Meet the Directors

Analytics are powerful. Determined to bring this energy to the forefront of business practice, Adrian Ericsson and Hannes van Rensburg established Dynamo Analytics in 2012 with the specific ambition of helping organisations make smarter, analytic-led, business decisions.

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Consultants & Associates

The entrepreneurial Dynamo spirit attracts the kind of people who thrive on doing things a little bit differently. To support the high-quality and cost-effective advice and solutions our clients expect, we’re building a strong team of highly motivated consultants and associates across the UK, South Africa and the Nordics.

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