Welcome Pierre

Pierre joined the Dynamo Analytics Stellenbosch team in August 2020 as a Junior Software Operations Engineer. He obtained his BEng Mechanical degree in 2019 and is currently in his final year of MEng Engineering Management at Stellenbosch University. He has dedicated his Master’s thesis to exploring the wide subject of innovation, and looks forward to implementing what he has learned and discovered in the process at Dynamo. He enjoys spending his time on Python, Web development and Innovative solutions, and is passionate about seeing innovative ideas come to life by creating the necessary platforms to propel these ideas into action.

Pierre is not only a computer nerd, however. He loves the outdoors, capturing beautiful sights and moments with his film camera and going out into the mountains for a run. In 2019 he put his fitness levels to the test when he decided to cycle from town to town during a solo trip in Europe. After a few flat tyres and cold nights in a hammock, he made the conclusion that taking the train isn’t a bad idea either.