Welcome Tolu

Tolu joined Dynamo Analytics in March 2020 as the Office Manager in Stavanger.  Tolu has a Bachelor degree in Accounting. Through her working experiences within various industries – (financial institution, manufacturing and IT service providers) she has gained a good understanding of finances, business administration/ support and the importance of good communication skills and client relationship.

Prior to joining Dynamo, Tolu worked in Nigeria and then in the UK for several years. With her international experiences, she is looking forward to growing in these skills as she joins the new team in Stavanger. Tolu is married with two boys, she lived in the UK for 14 years, and in August 2018 her and her family moved to Norway.

When not in the office, Tolu spends time with family and friends, adapting and exploring the beautiful nature in Norway and the outdoor lifestyle. She also enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.

Fun fact: Tolu enjoys the new culture in Norway and is looking forward to being brave enough to try the traditional dish of “lutefisk”.