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City vs Wharf 5K Run 2019 | Alice Turner

Yesterday the ‘Dynamo & friends’ team went for round two of the City vs Wharf 5K run. With new t-shirts, excitement and some nerves filling the air, we headed over to Victoria Park. It was another year of everyone claiming ‘orange isn’t my colour’ but we all pulled off the Dynamo t-shirt style with ease.

Bags were dropped off and a few team photos later, we were ready to begin the race. We had a range of abilities; from marathon runners, to the occasional park runner, to first time runners. 6pm on the dot, the klaxon went off and the race began! The cheering squad of Marc, Ronnie, Mo and I were watching on eagerly waiting for the orange runners to come into sight. We were at the 3K mark and saw many thumbs ups, smiles and even Grace who blew a kiss to the camera! Sadly we have no proof as she was too fast when passing by.

This year there were 754 runners and the first of our team, JP, passed the finish line in 31st place with a time of 19 minutes and 25 seconds. JP claims to ‘only run when playing football’, and so this is an even more impressive time. Hot on his heels was David, just 9 seconds behind with a time of 19 minutes and 34 seconds. At 23 minutes 37 seconds, Angharad was the first female of our team to cross the line and achieved her 5k personal best! A big congratulations to JP and Angharad for winning the fastest male and female prizes. Despite just getting off a flight from Sydney that afternoon, Adrian was the first dynamite to finish with a time of 26 minutes 4 seconds. Everyone on the Dynamo team did an amazing job completing the 5K.

With everyone sporting their newly acquired medals, we headed to the pub for a well-deserved drink and to celebrate completing the 5K. We had a brilliant evening and want to thank our clients for joining us last night. We look forward to next year and maybe even more PB’s can be achieved.

Welcome Abimelek

Abimelek joins Dynamo Analytics as a Junior Analyst in the South African office. He graduated from Stellenbosch University with an MEng Industrial Engineering degree and a BEng Mechanical Engineering degree. He was exposed to the field of data analytics during his MEng studies and developed a liking for it.

He is excited to join Dynamo Analytics where he aims to gain working experience in the model development and consulting field, and the associated programming languages.

Outside of work he enjoys being active and being outdoors. Some of his hobbies include hiking, camping, swimming and travelling. He is also passionate about sports and closely follows developments in the football, rugby and cricket world.

Fun fact: Abimelek enjoys carpentry and is currently building up his power tool collection in order to make his own furniture.

Welcome Mohamed

Mohamed joins the UK team as an Actuarial Analyst having recently graduated from the University of Warwick, studying Maths Operational Research, Statistics and Economics. He is commencing his career as an Actuary at Dynamo and brings skills such as the statistical programming language R to the team.

He is currently aiming to begin his Actuarial board exams and working towards his qualifications, with the aim of being qualified within a few years. Mohamed is thrilled to join Dynamo at an exciting time for the company and is looking forward to develop his knowledge and skills within the Actuarial industry.

Outside of work Mohamed loves watching sports; he is a keen football fan and follows the sport religiously. He also loves travelling having been to Bali, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco in the last 18 months.

Fun Fact: Despite his love for sports, Mohamed’s never been the best at playing sports; whilst representing his school at a cricket game, he hit the wicket with his own bat on his very first ball. That was his first and last game of cricket.