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Welcome Catherine

Catherine joins Dynamo as an Analyst in the UK team after immigrating to the UK from South Africa where she graduated with both her BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and BSc(Hons) Mathematical Statistics degrees. She began her career as a Data Analyst at First National Bank South Africa gaining skills in programming languages such as SAS, R and SQL.

She is currently studying for the Actuarial board exams and is excited to be joining Dynamo, looking forward to growing her skill set and learning more about the actuarial industry.

Outside of work Catherine is an avid fan of theatre productions and is most likely going to be ensuring that West End Theatre tickets are a part of her monthly budget. She also enjoys reading murder mysteries and is well on her way to collecting all of Agatha Christie’s whodunnit novels.

Fun Fact: Catherine is the literal opposite of the Grinch and is obsessed with Christmas. Once spending 2 hours at her previous office on a Sunday ensuring every desk had tinsel on it and the office was sufficiently decorated to force Christmas cheer on the rest of the office over the festive season.