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7 days to 7 seconds

How can you condense your financial and statistical processes from 7 days to 7 seconds? Find out how the market is moving, from Adrian’s GIRO presentation in the link below.

7 days to 7 seconds

Welcome Briance


Briance (Queen B) joins Dynamo as an analyst in the South African consulting team. She completed her BCom (Hons) degree in Actuarial Science at Stellenbosch University this November. As a student, she acquired basic programming knowledge in R, SAS and VBA. She is looking forward to developing these skills as she puts them to practice!

In addition to her university education, Briance was also involved in various leadership activities and community interaction projects. She says that these activities have helped to shape her character and increase her desire to serve and empower the youth in her community.

Outside of work Briance enjoys a light jog and pretty much anything that has to do with being out in nature.

Briance is currently busy with her actuarial exams and hopes to qualify soon. In the meantime… she will be “psicling all day errrday”!

Fun Fact: About 80% of people who took a guess at what Briance was studying in University guessed that she was studying Drama. Looks like we have our very own Queen Breyoncé!