Welcome Panos!

We are delighted to welcome Panos Theodoratos to our team!


Panos has joined the London office as a Senior Analyst. He is originally from Greece where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science. After completing his BSc, he moved to London where he did postgraduate studies in Finance and Econometrics. Panos previously worked as a statistician for a medical research organisation for more than two years where he implemented statistical and actuarial models with medical data. He then moved to the analytics team of Experian London where he contributed in business solving problems with econometrics, statistics and machine learning algorithms. He has experience in using different statistical tools such R, E-views, SAS and SPSS and a strong interest in predictive analytics.

Fun Fact: Panos shares his birthday with Carmen who is also in the London office. Some call this the Birthday Problem. In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a set of n randomly chosen people, at least 2 will have the same birthday. In the London office we have 10 people and 2 pairs who share the same birthday!