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Protecting Sensitive Data – Human De Jager

The world as we know it has become increasingly digital.  Daily life has been streamlined by little bright screens and mundane tasks have become (mostly) quick and effortless.  Banks are moving away from physical cash and don’t even want their patrons to necessarily go into the bank, their fee structures are even set out in such a way that it’s cheaper to go online than to go to your nearest branch.  I for one am more than happy to stay at home and do my financial chores and admin rather than to go wait in a queue.  These little luxuries do not however come without its problems.

Most of these services require your personal information and you therefore have to trust a company’s capability to protect it.  Yes, a company may have an excellent track record and the best staff to keep the bad guys out of your personal matters, but they do sometimes get it wrong.  Apple’s cloud was hacked 2 years ago and various celebrities had very compromising photos thrown across the internet for everyone to see.  Ouch.  What is worrying is that Apple is one of the leader’s in the digital field and I am sure that this will not be the last time we see one of the big companies have similar blunders.

It therefore may be wise to think twice with who you are entrusting your digital life with.  The best way may be to go analogue (dis-enable internet connectivity) or, if possible, not to go digital at all.  After all, something can’t be taken from you that does not exist in the first place.