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Fintech at Dynamo – Musa Potele

Dynamo uses a software-driven approach as a way of leveraging available technology resources to support and accelerate processes for financial services.  This demonstrates innovation in the development of application, processes and business models in the financial and insurance sectors.

Dynamo provides a platform through which users can produce powerful, data robust and more effective processes.  These processes are structured, yet highly flexible and allow accurate compilation of information to optimize visibility into complex financial data.

The software suite the team develops offer a wide range of auditable actuarial activities that include, but are not limited to, financial modelling, stochastic modelling, reserve reviews and risk metrics.  Thus, optimizing the capabilities to investigate results while analysing the implications of decisions in a repeatable, engaging manner.

We have implemented Psicle®, the modelling platform, in our day-to-day client work to solve a wide variety of business challenges that would be difficult or logistically impossible under normal circumstances.

The Standard Formula Application, the solvency capital requirement calculator, to help insurance companies seamlessly perform regular Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calculations.

The Technical Provisions Application, a streamlined application that produces management information and reports, at a touch of a button, therefore moving the focus away from data manipulations to the decision making process.

These intelligent tools have built-in, easy-to-use, customizable reporting functionalities that produce valuable visualizations integrated within them.  Consequently, delivering transparency and the insights the business may need to make critical decisions.  Therefore, enabling analysts or executives to adjust assumptions and analyse trends in a less time consuming approach.

Whether the challenges are simply to manage and manipulate data in a robust and secure environment, or to apply statistical processes to business data and report on the results.  Psicle®, Standard Formula and Technical Provisions have tailored functionalities that add substantial value to the business.