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Commercial edition of Psicle to be released

We are pleased to announce the first commercial edition of Psicle will be released in early January, following the pre-release testing phase with one of our clients.

Psicle is a highly flexible and modular actuarial and financial modelling platform that combines robust data management, tightly controlled process design, and advanced statistical capabilities.  This allows teams to rapidly produce and automate technical and financial models, and to deliver the results to all parts of the organisation instantly in an engaging manner. Psicle has been used in our day-to-day client work across a wide range of actuarial activities, including building stochastic models, reserve reviews and reinsurance optimisation.

As was the case with first releases of our other software products, we are interested in exploring partnership arrangements with businesses who are forward thinking and understand early the value that Psicle will bring to their organisation.  We would be delighted to have the opportunity to show you how Psicle and Dynamo could add value to your business.

Our Psicle Platform and Simulation Models brochures give an overview of some of the key functionality of the platform when used for a stochastic model.  Please contact us for information on ways Psicle has been used to solve other business challenges.