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HCC license DynamIT platform

We are pleased to announce that HCC International have licensed the DynamIT Technical Provisions and Standard Formula applications for use in supporting their actuarial function.  Nick Hutton-Penman, HCC International’s Chief Operating Officer, said “we see great value in using the DynamIT software to streamline our actuarial function processes and enable the analyses that adds value to our business”.

Adrian Ericsson, director at Dynamo Analytics, said “HCC International have always been forward thinking in using technology to better support the business, and I am pleased that they have chosen to partner with us in this important area.  Leveraging available resources is going to be a key determinant of future performance and, by working with Dynamo Analytics, HCC are positioning themselves to take a lead in this area”

The DynamIT Technical Provisions application links into business systems, enabling insurers to automatically perform rapid cash-flow and technical provisions calculations.  It provides deep analysis and reporting functionality, revealing the key components, the drivers of change over time and automatic reporting templates.

The DynamIT Standard Formula application integrates seamlessly with our Technical Provisions application, enabling fast calculation of the Standard Formula without having to re-input information.  The same powerful analytics are provided, enabling insight into the key components of the capital, and drivers of change over time.


Dynam.IT_TPscreen Dynam.IT_Standard_Formula_screen