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Today we launch our new website

Today we launch our new website.  This website represents the growth that Dynamo Analytics has gone through over the past few years.  We started out as 3 passionate people with complementary business and technical skills and have become a highly professional international consultancy offering deep insight and problem solving ability, but still with that human touch that being a smaller business brings.  Our website gives a flavour of the areas where we have added value to our clients, the propositions we offer to help you make better decision, but and most importantly who we are – the consultants behind the consultancy.  Please do keep in touch with us via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook as we will regularly share some of the insights we gain, and welcome to our new website.

Technical Pricing Frameworks

It has been said that commercial lines pricing can be more of an art than a science.  Although it is true that commercial risks are more heterogeneous in nature and accurate pricing is harder to quantify, many companies have found that a technical pricing framework and the capture of good quality pricing information can be a powerful tool for risk selection, rate monitoring and exposure management.

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