Welcome Giles


Giles joins Dynamo as a senior analyst in the UK consulting team. After graduating from the University of Warwick in 2015, with a first-class honours in Mathematics, Giles gained a variety of actuarial experience; working first as a pensions consultant and then as a pricing and reserving analyst at an international MGA operating through Lloyds.

He is very much excited to join Dynamo and looking forward to developing his skillset and adding value to all the clients that we work upon.

At university Giles was the Treasurer of the Warwick Maths Society, playing a large role in returning the society to profit, and completed several charitable projects including spending a month teaching in rural India. Since graduating he has maintained his interest in charity and played a pivotal role in establishing a charity committee at his previous company; believing there is an onus on each of us to make the world a better place for others.

Despite all the studying he has for his actuarial exams, Giles still finds time to play his guitar and go for a usually rainy jog through London.

Fun Fact: Giles once ran the Budapest marathon, raising over £1,200 for the Children’s Society and claims that he can still feel the post-race cramps to this day.

Welcome Robyn


Robyn joined Dynamo at the beginning of 2018 as the Office Manager of our South African team. Robyn studied at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she achieved her Bachelor of Accounting degree. Through her studies and an internship program, she has gained a good understanding of business operations and finances, as well as strong organizational, administrative and communication skills. She is looking forward to growing in these skills as she joins the Dynamo team!

In addition to her university education and internship program, Robyn has been involved in various leadership activities and community interaction projects throughout her school and university career. Robyn is currently involved in “Dream Girls”, a sub-division of an NPO called PROCHORUS, in Stellenbosch. Dream Girls involves the mentoring of underprivileged teenage girls to combat social and cultural issues, to help them finish school and ultimately to help them hope for and attain a better future. She has moved from mentoring the girls to a strategic role, where she is involved in vision sharing, goal setting and project planning.

Robyn is married, and she and her husband share a passion for people and hospitality. They love nature and enjoy going hiking and exploring beautiful places together. Robyn is also interested in language and culture, her favourite school subject being French. She loves to try new things, and thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to horse ride, snow ski and wakeboard.

Fun Fact: Robyn was born in South Africa, but she has also lived in Wales for five years during the early part of her childhood!

Welcome Tony


Anthony joins Dynamo as an intern in the software and systems development department. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University in November 2017 where he gained programming exposure in languages such as C and Python. He is looking to learn and contribute to the team’s software development efforts.

His goal is to understand and gain the skills required to develop excellent software systems and become a software craftsman. Anthony also has a passion for mentorship and believes the future of the African continent rests on our influence on the generations following us.

Outside of work Anthony enjoys watching and playing soccer. He has also found a new obsession in managing his Fantasy Premier league team. He also enjoys cooking and running.

Fun Fact: At the tender age of 12, Anthony considered tackling the world of cuisine as a chef before falling in love with engineering in high school.