Welcome Tony


Anthony joins Dynamo as an intern in the software and systems development department. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University in November 2017 where he gained programming exposure in languages such as C and Python. He is looking to learn and contribute to the team’s software development efforts.

His goal is to understand and gain the skills required to develop excellent software systems and become a software craftsman. Anthony also has a passion for mentorship and believes the future of the African continent rests on our influence on the generations following us.

Outside of work Anthony enjoys watching and playing soccer. He has also found a new obsession in managing his Fantasy Premier league team. He also enjoys cooking and running.

Fun Fact: At the tender age of 12, Anthony considered tackling the world of cuisine as a chef before falling in love with engineering in high school.


Welcome Taryn


Taryn recently joined Dynamo, as an Office Manager in South Africa. Taryn has a Bcom (Hons) degree in Organisational and Industrial Psychology, coupled with 6 years working experience. Taryn has enjoyed her start at Dynamo and she is looking forward to gaining more skills and experience at Dynamo as well as adding value to their great team.

Her goal is to make a difference, add value and help all those around her at work and outside of work. She enjoys helping others and watching them achieve and succeed.  She hopes she can help the Dynamo team become even better than what they already are. Taryn is a hard worker and strives for success and achieving work goals.

Outside of work, Taryn loves the outdoors as well as watching and playing sport. Playing sport has helped her gain the “never give up” attitude and broadened her current life skills and knowledge.

Fun fact: Taryn shares her surname with Hannes. The surname Van Rensburg is the 7,675th most common surname in the world and is most prevalent in South Africa where it is the 79th most common surname.  Approximately 70,546 people bear this surname and can be found in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, England, Australia, United States, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and many more countries. The one thing Taryn and Hannes do not have in common is the fact that Taryn does not drink hot beverages.

Welcome Carien


Carien is joining Dynamo as an Analyst in the South African consulting team. She completed her BCom degree in Actuarial Science at Stellenbosch University and is looking so much forward to learn new skills at Dynamo.

Her goal is to make the world a better place for other people, whether it is to do that through actuarial calculations or to simply put a smile on other people’s faces. She says she loves working with people and enjoys the feeling of community and family in the office so much!

Outside of work, Carien loves dancing and is currently busy with Ballet and contemporary dancing. She said that dancing was the one thing that taught her endurance and to keep going, no matter how hard something seems.

Carien is currently busy with the actuarial exams and hopes to qualify as soon as possible.

Fun Fact: Carien does not drink coffee at all.