Welcome Roy!

Roy joins the London office as a Senior Consultant with 11 years’ GI experience in the London and Irish Market.  He has built a breadth of knowledge across commercial lines working with insurers and reinsurers in the actuarial stables of reserving, technical pricing and capital modelling. He implemented the SII Standard Formula for a number of entities and led the Actuarial Function for a large reinsurer through an accelerated run-off process to final sale.  In recent years Roy has ventured into the risk environment with roles as an Underwriting Risk Manager of a top 5 Lloyd’s syndicate and working in an Enterprise Risk Management team.   He brings a strong background in Solvency II, risk management and internal model validation to the team.   Roy holds a MSci. in Applied Mathematics and Physics, and is awaiting final exam results to qualify as an actuary.  Good Luck Roy!

Fun Fact: Roy once spent 6 months in a underground lab without any windows building a Laser to smash ions (all without the use of any funky CSI music or his beard).  He is delighted with the sunlight & terrace in the new London office!

Welcome Thomas!


Thomas has joined our South Africa office as a Consultant. Tomi (as most people call him) is originally from Zimbabwe where he acquired his Bcom (Hons) degree in Actuarial Science. He has been in the Zimbabwean financial services sector for just over 3 years – working on a number of projects ranging from Pensions, General Insurance, Enterprise Risk Management and even acted as the actuarial adviser on a project to revamp the insurance taxation system in Zimbabwe. Tomi is an active blogger on WordPress and also volunteers on a number of professional activities. Currently he sits on the Towards an Optimal Reserving Process (TORP) Working Party of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK).  Apart from work, Tomi likes hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Fun Fact: Thomas doesn’t drink alcohol or wine but since moving to Stellenbosch, he has made up his mind to become an ‘expert’ wine taster. Only time will tell if this wish will be fulfilled.

Welcome Bongani!

Bongani has joined the South Africa office as a Developer and Junior Analyst. He is originally from Zimbabwe where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After completing his BSc, he worked for several public and private sector companies and also ran his own businesses. Bongani previously worked as a software developer for several organisations for more than three years where he implemented various software solutions. He then moved to South Africa in October 2016. He has experience in java, web technologies, php and C#.

Fun Fact: Bongani is Kalanga but grew up speaking Ndebele.  He is exceptional with a least four programming languages but he now knows about nine words in Kalanga.